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Clergy Training

Clergy Training

Comhaltacht Draiocht has designed a seminary program to train candidates for full ordination. Though designed to be entered after completion of the one year basic training and take the average student three years to complete, the program may be entered with the first years coinciding with the one year basic education and will be worked at a student set pace. Due to the nature of our Fellowship we cannot at this time support a seminary campus and so the program is completed by the student as an extension program of study guided by advisors and faculty. Completion of the program does not insure ordination by Comhaltacht Draiocht but it is usually a primary step in the application process.

Draiocht Seminary Course Outline.

Course set I

Celtic Language

Demonstrate basic conversational facility in one Celtic Language or take a course or home study program until basic conversational facility is established. Be able to say a set of liturgical phrases in the language.

Introduction to Religious Thought

Introduction to Celtic Mythology

Mac Cana, as ref. Green (Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend.)

Critical Thinking & Informal logic

Self Awareness, Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

Introduction to Celts

Simon James (The World of the Celts) as text.

Cosmology, A selection of chapters from Celtic Heritage.

Required books:

The Sacred and the Profane, Mircea Eliade

Course set II


Clergy, role in Draiocht, role and responsibilities in community.

Theology & Ontology

The Druids

Miranda Green (The world of the Druids) as text book.

World Awareness

Study of the local world

Mysticism & States of Mind.

Theurgy in a Druidic world view.

Celtic myth II

Three from following list, substitutions may be made with instructor approval.

Ancient Irish Tales Cross & Slover

The Tain various

Mabinogion various

Gods and Fighting Men, Lady Gregory

Legends of the Celts Delaney

Druids, Gods & Heroes from Celtic Mythology, Ross

Celtic Myths, Green

The Epics of Celtic Ireland, Markale

Course set III

Comparative Religions

Tradition & law, Ancient Celtic traditional law and the structure, customs and traditions of Draiocht.

Omens, reading omens and divinations.

Liturgy course

Wonder Working and Miracle Making, thaumaturgy in a Druidic worldview.

Metaphysics & Spiritual Integrity


Required Books:

The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles Ronald Hutton

Celtic Heritage Reese and Reese

Pagan Celtic Britain, Ross

Making of a Druid, Guyonvarch

Celtic Sacred Landscapes. Pennick

Strongly recommended, with any two required:

The Sacred Isle: Belief and Religion in Pre-Christian Ireland, O'Hogain

Mythic Ireland, Dames

The Celtic Realms, Dillon & Chadwick

The Celtic World, editor Green

The Fairy faith in Celtic Countries, (with reservations that the student should read this late in the process) Evans-Wentz