Comhaltacht Draiocht Charter

We the undersigned do on this day, November 5, 2005, join together to create among ourselves, a religious fellowship which we call Comhaltacht Draiocht. We also issue a public invitation for others of like spiritual conscience and religious disposition to join us in fellowship.


Comhaltacht Draiocht is a non-profit religious fellowship extending membership and spiritual fellowship, without prejudice, to those who follow, practice or adhere to the revived polytheistic Celtic cosmic religion of Draiocht [Druidry] or Gnatha na Sinsear [Ancestral Traditions].


It is the mission of Comhaltacht Draiocht to provide membership, education and fellowship opportunities to individuals and groups who adhere to Draiocht or Gnatha na Sinsear and to articulate basic principles of practice and belief common to members of Comhaltacht Draiocht by developing and chartering leadership bodies, local congregations, religious orders, educational programs, non-profit organizations and other programs and organizations as may be needed in order to fulfill the religious and spiritual purpose of this fellowship and to develop, train and ordain a professional clergy.

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