E-mail listings

E-mail Listings

General Members list open to all members

Our leadership lists open only to members of the leadership council.

Open only to Comhaltacht Draiocht seminarians studying for their clergy credentials.

Our clergy list open only to members of our Clergy Council.

Our poetics training list and open only to students of our poetics training program

Our announcements and articles list and membership is open to anyone who is interested in Comhaltacht Draiocht news, essays and articles. Any announcement must be approved by the moderator before being sent.

Our public list and is open to anyone and provides a public interface between our fellowship and our greater community. This list may at any time be placed on a fully moderated status in order to avoid disruption.

Our basic study list and is open to all members but the subject matter focuses on our twelve monthly lessons, this list is staffed with mentors who help the students in their studies.