Education Programs

Comhaltacht Draiocht is continually developing educational programs and materials for the betterment of our Fellowship and communities. Some programs, such as our Religious Education for Children, are actually listed here though development is incomplete with portions which are ready for use being available now with newly developing pieces becoming available as they are completed. As new educational programs are developed they will be listed on this page and we urge visitors and members alike to return occasionally in order to see our new programs. As existing educational programs are expanded and adapted they will be updated on their respective pages and in their respective files.
While all of our study materials are generally available to our members we also honor a 'good neighbor' policy which means that we often allow other individuals and organizations to use our materials and programs so long as they do not place them for sale or use them to obtain fees.
The links below will take you to the programs listed and we hope that these programs prove of some benefit.
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Basic Study Program

Child Education Program


Clergy Program

Liturgical Manual