Welcome to Comhaltacht Draiocht (pronounced Ko:ltəxt Dri:əxt) and meaning Fellowship of Druidry. We are a religious fellowship made up of individuals and local congregations who adhere to a religion that we call Draiocht (pronounced Dri:əxt), or Gnatha na Sinsear (pronounced Gnahə na s'in's'ər). Draiocht means Druidry or Druid-way, Gnatha na Sinsear means ancestral traditions. Our faith is also commonly called Druidry and Druidism and can be described as being a polytheistic and animistic cosmic religion focused primarily on life and existence as expression of the sacred. Whether your interest is academic or spiritual, welcome and feel free to tour our site and to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

May the Gods bless you.


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