Druidic Liturgical Course

 Welcome to the Druidic Liturgical Course. In this course it is our goal to provide students with a high quality education in liturgy. At the time of this writing we have no specific textbook available for use in our liturgy course. What you have here is a combination study guide and text which has been assembled using essays, articles and lectures on liturgical subjects. These articles, essays and lectures have been published in various venues and date from a time period starting in 1992 and continuing through 2005.

Each included work will be used as a portion of the study text, with each section beginning with study directions and ending with questions, observations and exercises. Also included in this program will be examples of rites and ceremonies covering a wide variety of liturgical situations and needs.

Table of Contents

The Problem of Druidic Liturgics

Making Contacts and Remaking the World


Liturgical atmosphere

Fire and Cauldron

Order of Liturgy

Basic Parameters of Ritual

Concept and Expression in Liturgy

Divination and Omens


Blessing and Consecration

Rights of Passage

The Dynamics of Group Ritual

Movement and Gesture in Ritual

Liturgical cycles

The Center to the Edge

Purpose of Ritual

Funerary Processes