Local Study Groups (Rang)

Any Comhaltacht Draiocht member may start a local study group known as a Rang. These classes are generally open to the public and listed in public membership information sections of this site. Each Rang is provided a mentor from among Comhaltacht Draiocht Clergy who will assist the organizer in class structure and planning and to generally advise the organizer and members of the Rang.
Any member wishing to organize and host a Rang may do so simply registering the new Rang with Comhaltacht Draiocht Registration using the link below:

Local Support Materials

Or you may contact us physically by sending the following information to the address listed below.
The registration must include:
The publicly publishable name of the host organizer.
Publicly publishable contact information.
Comhaltacht Draiocht Registration
P.O. Box 388
East Bridgewater, MA. 02333-0388
Local Congregations (Pobal)
A local congregation of Comhaltacht Draiocht is known as a Pobal (pronounced Pobəl) and may be established by as few as five Comhaltacht Draiocht members and may choose any of a variety of internal structures so long as there is a local representative appointed for each of the two governing bodies of Comhaltacht Draiocht.
The Comhaltacht Draiocht governing body which manages the establishment and maintaining of the Pobal is known as the Comhairle Cheannais and is made up of the assembled administrative leaders of the Pobal.
The Comhairle Cheannais customs governing the establishment of a new Pobal is as follows:
It is our custom that a group of five or more Comhaltacht Draiocht members may present to the Comhairle Cheannais an application containing a group name, identity statement, mission statement and basic set of group customs for recognition as a Pobal. The proposed name, identity and mission must be in accord with the identity and mission of Comhaltacht Draiocht. The proposed customs must be in accord with Comhaltacht Draiocht customs and include requirements for membership in the Pobal how the Pobal is structured, how leaders in the Pobal are selected and removed. When an application is received it will be examined to insure that all requirements are in order, and if found not to be in order recommendations will be sent to the applicants to assist them in meeting the requirements and when the application is in order the Comhairle Cheannais shall within thirty days issue a charter to the new Pobal.
A preexisting local congregation may apply for recognition as a Pobal so long as it meets the requirements and is free to maintain affiliations with other Druidic spiritual and fraternal organizations.
Comhaltacht Draiocht is an international religious fellowship and as such has not been established as a corporation under the business or tax laws of any particular nation. A Pobal of Comhaltacht Draiocht remains subject to the laws and regulations of its local and national community and is considered legally and financially independent of Comhaltacht Draiocht and other Pobal. It is recommended that each Pobal organize itself under local and national laws to insure that it may freely, legally and independently manage its own financial and legal affairs.
Application for the establishment of a Pobal may also be sent electronically by way of the Comhaltach-Draiocht Registration page:
Or physically to:
Comhaltacht Draiocht Registration
P.O. Box 388
East Bridgewater, MA. 02333-0388