Religious Orders

Religious Orders


Being a Religious Fellowship Comhaltacht Draiocht has within it, specialized religious orders known as Cuallacht (pronounced Kuələxt) which have their own spiritual identities and intentions. These religious orders are quite independent and do not directly participate in the management of Comhaltacht Draiocht and have no drect representation on either governing council. The governing body of Comhaltacht Draiocht which charters all Cuallactai is the Comhairle Draoithe and the pertinent custom is found below.

It is our custom that a group of nine or more Comhaltacht Draiocht members may present to the Comhairle Dhraoithe an application containing a group name, identity statement, mission statement and basic set of group customs for recognition as a religious order The proposed name, identity and mission must be in accord with the identity and mission of Comhaltacht Draiocht and outline a clear spiritual intention. The proposed customs must be in accord with Comhaltacht Draiocht customs and include requirements for membership in the religious order, how the religious order is structured, how leaders in the religious order are selected and removed. When an application is received it will be examined to insure that all requirements are in order, and if found not to be in order recommendations will be sent to the applicants to assist them in meeting the requirements and when the application is in order the Comhairle Dhraoithe shall issue a charter to form and authorize the new religious order.

All Cuallachtai are legally and financially independent of Comhaltacht Draiocht and may if they so choose establish a legally recognized body to manage legal and financial affairs.


Application for recognition as a Cuallacht of Comhaltacht Draiocht may be sent through email by way of the Comhaltacht-Draiocht Registration Form:

or physically by contacting:
Comhaltacht Draiocht Registration
P.O. Box 388 East Bridgewater, MA. O2333-0388
Cuallachtai Filidheacht charter