Ritual Index

Below is a list of rites written and performed by Comhaltacht Draiocht members and Druidh and made available here for the use of our members and visitors. These rites are included here to give the student a starting point and include material from the most basic individual daily devotional to complex group rituals. These rites do not constitute any type of official Comhaltacht Draiocht liturgy that must be followed my our member Pobal, they were however written by highly trained and experienced Comhaltacht Draiocht Druidh and have been used with success.
The Druidh Council of Comhaltacht Draiocht known as the Comhairle Dhraoithe has also decided to make many of the articles used for liturgical training available in the articles section of this site and to make The Comhaltacht Draiocht Seminary Liturgical Text available in this section of the site and to extend that availability to all members and visitors. This was done in response to the general dearth of liturgical training material available. Copyright privileges are, however, retained and while we welcome others to study and make personal use of this material freely, was ask that it not be reproduced or marketed without permission by the author.

Consecrating Items

Silent Samhain



Liturgical Training Manual



Daily Devotion

Rite of Final Sacrifice